Products - JYJ400 and JYJ500 blowers



Mobile 400 and 500 blowers

The smallest blowers are JYJ400 and JYJ500 models. JYJ500 model will be manufactured both as a hydraulic blower wall type and as a mobile version driven by electric motor.
The mobile unit is a compact tool for small applications. Mobile unit is easy to operate either in blowing or in suction mode. It can be utilized besides in blowing woodchips also other materials in several business lines as green area construction and agriculture. Note: only a few materials have been tested so far.



JYJ400 and JYJ500 blowers

These blowers are used to handle woodchips, wood waste, good quality bark and straw etc. When equipped with a rotary valve the blowers can handle pellets and other easily crushing materials.
The capacity of JYJ400 blower is 0,3 – 0.6 m3/min (good quality woodchip) or 5 – 6 t/h (pellets). Blowing distance is > 15 meters. The capacity of JYJ500 blower is respectively 0,5 – 0,7 m3/min or 8 – 10 t/h (pellets).Blowing distance is >20 meters.