Customers - Green area and infra construction, landscaping, gardening

Green area and infra construction, landscaping, gardening

Pneumatic blowing of woodchips and good quality bark provides new possibilities in many applications. For instance spreading covering materials pneumatically in green area construction is easy. Also challenging contraction sites can be achieved easily. Blowing distance may be about 30 - 80 meters depending on type of the blower and materials to be conveyed.
Applications for landscaping, garden and infra construction companies are for instance:
  • Woodchip and bark blower solutions for landscaping and covering materials
  • Equipments or services related to spreading or conveying e.g. covering materials on road side construction sites, planting areas etc.
  • Special applications e.g. to cover snow with sawdust in skiing centers, emptying woodchip or pellet silos for cleaning or maintenance etc.

Applications of pneumatic blowing technology utilizing woodchip blower


Woodchip container

  • A blowing truck with 40 m3 or more capacity is efficient way to deliver covering materials to several sites


  • Blowing covering materials on small or large sites, e.g. plant protection or weed destruction on road sites or gardens

Road and infra construction

  • Weed control and covering bare soil areas or plants on road sides
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  • Spreading decorative bark, protecting plants with straw or bark mulch covering materials, weed control

Outdoor areas, dog parks etc.

  • Spreading saw dust or bark on hiking tracks, dog parks etc.

Skiing centers

  • Covering snow storages with saw dust


  • Pneumatic handling of drying materials, feeds, corn, fertilizers etc.

Horse stables

  • Handling drying materials
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Industry, house construction

  • Pneumatic handling of insulation materials, pellets or granules etc.