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Hankasalmi district heating system

  • Lämpösi Oy planned the heating system and was responsible of the project management
  • The municipality of Hankasalmi had studied earlier possibilities to build biomass fueled DH system for several years
  • The municipality arranged competitive bidding in 2013. The winner was a heat company Kuuhanlämpö Oy
  • Lämpösi Oy was a minority shareholder and the expert partner in Kuuhankalämpö Oy
  • The project included purchasing a 3 MW woodchip boiler and a 1,5 MW pellet boiler as well as having constructed about six kilometers DH network
  • The heating plant was commissioned and heat sales started in 2014
  • Lämpösi Oy withdrew Kuuhankalämpö Oy in 2016 as long as the operation of the system was fully established
Hankasalmen kaukolämpöhanke lämpösi
Hankasalmen kaukolämpöhanke lämpösi

References - Heating services

Konginkangas district heating system in the City of Äänekoski

  • The City of Äänekoski arranged competitive bidding about the Konginkangas DH system in 2016. EKO Energiapalvelut ETK Oy won the competition and carried out the project. Lämpösi Oy is one of the five shareholders in the company.
  • Long heat sales contracts were signed with EKO Energiapalvelut ETK Oy and the City of Äänekoski and the Parish of Äänekoski. Almost all local housing companies were also connected to the DH network.
  • Lämpösi Oy planned the DH system, managed the project and organized the operation of heat production and delivery.
  • The system includes 1 MW biomass boiler and about 2800 meters DH network. The project was completed in the end of 2016.
  • The heating plant uses various wood based fuels, mainly woodchips supplied by local biofuel supplier Tervon Puutarha Ky.
  • Lämpösi Oy is managing heat production and sales
  • Äänekosken Konginkankaan aluelämpöhanke kuva
  • Äänekosken Konginkankaan aluelämpöhanke kuva
  • Äänekosken Konginkankaan aluelämpöhanke kuva
The Konginkangas project co-operated with local companies and innovative solutions were utilized.
  • Drone videos were used in planning the DH network and supervising the construction work (videos: ProCadme Team). See video here.
  • Wood materials were used to build the boiler room and fuel storage buildings.
  • Coordinated co-operation with the main customers, other contractors, operators and neighbors was applied in designing and construction of electricity, water and sewage water connections as well as optical fibre systems.
  • Asphalt waste from DH network construction was recycled in earthworks.
  • Several local enterprises were used in earthworks, construction, supervision as well as heating, plumbing, air conditioning and building electricity contracts.
Expert task: Customer:
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Steam production with bioenergy. Study about technical alternatives and heat price. ThermiSol Oy
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Assessment of the heat purchase price from waste-to-energy power plant. Confidential
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Feasibility study about small district heating system using woodchips. Case study. Miksei Oy
Technical and economical assessment of a development project and expert tasks. Leppäkosken Sähkö Oy
Concept development and project management tasks in the Hankasalmi DH project. Kuuhankalämpö Oy
Operation control manager of the boiler plant pressure vessel and operation services. Kuuhankalämpö Oy
Several studies about small DH projects. EKO Energiapalvelut ETK Oy
Acquisition surveys of heating companies. Confidential
Customer contacts and bidding services. Vapor Boilers Oy
Studies about alternative steam and district heat production solutions and comparison between different fuels.
Feasibility studies to replace fuel oil with solid or liquid biomass fuels for industrial companies and energy companies.
Evaluation of heat purchase contract and promotion of customer’s interests (steam, district heat, industrial waste heat).