Expert services and heat production

Lämpösi Oy invests in small heating plants and sells energy in co-operation with its partner company EKO Energiapalvelut ETK Oy. Focus is in 50 – 5000 kWth using woodchips and pellets.
A strong driver in the heat sales business is the customer need to convert from oil to bioenergy or to develop old heating system. Projects can be carried out together with customers. Lämpösi Oy has also capability and experience to plan and have built district heat networks.
We co-operate heating plant equipment manufacturers to develop more competitive solutions. Our energy expert services are:
  • Feasibility studies
  • Studies to improve the performance of energy supply
  • Business strategy and development studies
  • Project development and preparing investment proposals
  • Project management
  • Energy efficiency surveys and focused analyses and action plans
  • Services and contract management in purchase, sales or acquisition processes


More than an energy consultant
We have long experience in bioenergy. We provide our know-how both in small projects and in large undertakings.

Business development

Let us heat buildings instead of atmosphere
Our strategy is to develop and supply bioenergy solutions. Thus we enhance actions to convert from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and moving towards bioeconomy.

Project development

We do not only plan heating plants and DH systems but we may also carry out our plans and invest in the heating systems.
Our activities include evaluation of alternative energy solutions, feasibility studies, business plans and project management.

Renewable energy

Collaboration and carbon free bioeconomy
Our aim is to replace fossil fuels with bioenergy in heating and develop profitable businesses and services to our customers.